Hollywood Stars Love Doing Goat Yoga!

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Hollywood Stars Love Doing Goat Yoga!

Yes, you read that right… goat yoga! Leave it to our society these days to bring together two things that are total opposite, but that we actually love: goats & yoga. And people are lining up to give it a test run.

Over the weekend in Hollywood, California, actress such as Alex Rose Wiesel, who people may remember from her time on the CW network series Hart of Dixie, took part with several other interested folks at ART WORKS Studio’s Goat Yoga class.

Pretty much during the class the goats have open access to guests during their yoga practice, and can even jump on the guests and do an occasional “upward goat” on a “downward dog”.

While this all seems like a good fun time, what’s next though, rabbit & monkey yoga?!



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